Saturday, 24 March 2012

Where to eat when in Saigon: LemonGrass

We arrived late for lunch in Ho Chi Minh City after our Cu Chi Tunnel tour. I didn't have any exact restaurants in mind so we just picked up one recommended restaurant from Lonely Planet book. We asked the cab driver to drive us at 160 Pasteur Street.

And to our surprise, it was the same restaurant where we had our lunch during our first day in Vietnam. We did not realize it because the place's name in the book was different. So we  decided to pick another one in the area. After a few minutes of walking, we stopped at LemonGrass.

The first floor of the restaurant is a bit small, with only six tables. Anyway, the food was a hit and miss. I super loved the crab meat appetizer but I didn't like their seafood soup. Also, it was a bit pricey compared to Nha Hang Ngon (see previous post here). 

Our fruit shakes were initially served. I  liked my Strawberry Shake at Nha Hang Ngon more than my Grape juice here.

Neanne's watermelon juice
Then the salad and appetizer...

Yummy Beef Mango Salad
My most favorite dish served here - Crab Meat
Super Yummy. Served with Chili Sauce.
For our main dish, we ordered Braised Pork and Seafood Soup. I was expecting a Tom Yum or Sinigang type of soup but their soup was bland.

Braised Pork
Seafood Soup

Overall, we enjoyed the food and were satisfied. We spent 844,345 VND (around 1,750 PHP). Not bad right? After the meal, we were energized to walk around and explore Ho Chi Minh by foot! :)

4D Nguyen Thiep
Ho Chi Minh City

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